Setting Sail

Hey penguins.

This blog post is a bit of a bumpy ride, so buckle up.

It’s been 11 years (give or take) since I started playing Club Penguin. I loved it when I started. Tracing the penguins on my old 5:4 monitor on the backs of my homework and waiting until midnight for the updates to launch and being so excited to play all of the new parties and everything the game had to offer. Of course, as time progressed Club Penguin would eventually close and my passion for it was still there, so I found this little site. Vintage Penguin- a promise to bring the glory of old Club Penguin as it was when I first started playing. I applied to help design and finally be able to bring my own ideas to life and have others play around in them. I’m just rambling on about my life story, but I just want you to know that this does mean a lot to me. Club Penguin has brought me inspiration to be an artist, to find a future career in Graphic Design, and meet the most amazing bunches of people on the internet. I owe all of it to this little game about penguins. But now, it’s time to set sail for future adventures. Rockhopper Island, perhaps?

This picture is from the original Beta Testing party. Exciting times, huh?

Tootyta12, someone who has worked with me to help put code and reality behind all of the crazy ideas I tried to do, like events, parties, catalogs and fair games, is probably the nicest person I’ve met. He works his hardest with the time he’s allowed, and puts any idea into reality, no matter how crazy. Here’s his message:

Hey, Penguins. I just wanted to say, thanks for making this community my home for the past year. At the beginning of Vintage Penguin, I was going through some very terrible times. Vintage Penguin was the only source that allowed me to push through. Just interacting with you guys and having fun made me happy at those times. Vintage Penguin has allowed me to meet so many of you guys, and has pushed me through the hardest times. I just… I don’t know what I’d do if it wasn’t a part of my life. Thank you all for being such an amazing community. I don’t know where I’ll be after Vintage Penguin’s closure, but I do know that I’ll remember it forever. After Vintage Penguin’s closure, I hope you guys find a new place, and I hope Vintage Penguin remains in your memories forever. Thanks for everything, ~Tootyta/Obs1d1an.

And from Haribo122, another great person who was part of the Vintage staff and helped me get a lot of things done, like the Newspaper and some blog posts:

Hey penguins. It’s been a long ride, one of intrigue, amusement, and wonders. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. I wanted to say, that in this bleak moment, I look back at one of the greatest years of my life on the internet. The interactions with the community in which I have resided in for a year have made me smile and bask in glee. I don’t know where I would be without vintage penguin, but I know for sure that I would not be the person you know at this time. Thank you for being such great penguins, and I hope that vintage penguin will be a staple in your memories the same way that I know will for me. Thank you so much, and I hope you all the best of luck in your future endeavours. :tophat: ~Haribo122

The Puffle Party has unfortunately been cancelled, and we will host our April Fools party on April 1st. We’ll also host our Waddle On party at a date that is to be announced.

With you, the community, you’ve inspired us to build an island, and you’ve changed our worlds. I can’t thank all of you enough for that. I will truly remember this for the rest of my life.

“Together, we can build an island, create a community, change the world… and even tip an iceberg.

Waddle on.”

-Sorcerer & The Vintage Penguin Team

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49 responses to “Setting Sail”

  1. Idiot says:

    is that a joke?

  2. Kikiik says:

    But why are you closing?

  3. VP1234 says:

    NOOOOOOOO!! I’m a big Vintage penguin fan 🙁

  4. Pepe4358 says:

    My life is coming to an end…AGAIN!! Why does everything cool have to end, 1st CP, now Vintage Penguin, idk what comes next for me.

    • Dudeshon says:

      Dude, i relate a lot to what you said. I’m done with all the closing, then beginning a new CPPS just to learn it’s closing too. I feel emotionally punched and lying on the floor. Sophisticatedly speaking.

  5. samir7777 says:


  6. Symfox says:

    Goodbye, VintagePenguin. Been a long run. It was nice helping out with the blog or w/e I’ve made possible, although I wasn’t really active in this community. Best of luck to the future projects.

  7. Wobie says:

    noice date u got there

  8. Alex70982 says:


  9. PenguinDude says:


  10. TiernanJH says:

    First CPR then CPRG and now this. Goodbye VTP always be in my memories.

  11. Earth says:

    Goodbye Vintage Penguin, I’ll miss your amazing parties and mini events.

  12. Rayner says:

    We understand. I’m not exactly the most active member there has been, but I’ve been here for almost the whole ride, and I just want to say that I have no complaints. When you were starting last year, I remember the beta party, and how excited I was for it. That, and everything else, certainly took me back. I’ve got what I wanted from this. I’ve been quietly enjoying this all from a nice distance, and I’m satisfied with the experience. I know you won’t let it go without a proper send off, and I anticipate it. You all have my thanks for such impressive work. Good luck with whatever comes next.

  13. Parlydogs says:

    B-But why???

  14. PenguinLuke6 says:


  15. Snow says:

    Everything good has to come to an end :’)

    Thank You

  16. Yeti46 says:

    First CP, then CPR and now VTP. Well I hope you guys and everyone choose a new path to follow. I will do a serie of comics and animations on the future. Goodbye VTP. You will always be on our hearts.

  17. Lilcheo says:

    First of all ur not CPR u dont get to shut down before puffle party

  18. HelloGoodSir says:

    My favorite event was national pizza day.

  19. HelloGoodSir says:


  20. Dudeshon says:

    Please don’t close Vintage. If it’s only because it isn’t popular, i can tell you NONE of the currently running CPPS ones are popular. None is as crowded as Rewritten used to be, for example. Community might be scattered, in a way, but we’re still here, so to speak. Vintage was crowded on party days. Maybe it could work out, just us announcing meetings on twitter, etc. and everyone gathering on some particular day…

    I only hope no one threatened you…

  21. Club1Penguin says:

    First Club Penguin, then Club Penguin Rewritten, and now THIS?! Well, to be honest, it’s been a great 2 months playing this, thanks for making this CPPS, I learned a lot playing CPPS’s (learning about the history of Club Penguin), Waddle On VP <3

  22. Dinner says:


  23. Katie says:

    It’s time to let cpps die and club penguin along with it unless Disney changes there mind we can’t keep holding on to this old game

  24. ombre says:

    I didn’t play vintage as much as i wish i had, but its been really fun. My favorite and first vintage party was halloween and the custom rooms were really cute. It was such an honor to have my statue in the festival of snow. Waddle on!

  25. Frost says:

    I joined VP in February 2017 and VP and the silly discord have been with me for a year. Even though I kind of saw this coming I was surprised when I heard it today. Even though I started playing CP in 2009, later I started to get into the “old fashioned CP” art and game style. I thought it was cool to look “rare” with fellow people on CP. VP was the only CPPS that I truley liked (other than another CPPS that I played years ago that is nothing compared to VP). I have met a lot of great people in this community and it’s been a really fun experience! I wish you all a great joy and happiness!! God bless you all.

  26. Ninja26918 says:

    I don’t understand. Disney are watching it’s old community try their hardest to hold on to the game that made our childhoods while they milk all the money they can out of Club Penguin Island. Vintage Penguin is my favourite CPPS. Even though it was not so popular, this was definitely set in the best time. Thank you Vintage Penguin.

  27. billyboi says:


  28. dewey2005 says:

    Thank you Vintage. I remember the day I joined, the beta party and I never knew that day would bring a year of fun. Thank you so much and I am proud to be a beta member. Thank you Vintage- Dewey2005

  29. Datpenguin88 says:


  30. Sn2ckers10 says:

    First CPRewritten and now Vintage Penguin. What year it has touched us 🙁 :0

    The truth has been a pleasure to play his CPPS that has really been very entertaining and we appreciate all the work they did in this time with him!

    Let’s go together as a community to enjoy these last weeks 🙁


  31. doglover15 says:


  32. Jerno says:


  33. Pancakes says:


  34. Pancakes says:

    On a more serious not though thank you for everything vintage. It has been a pleasure to relive a seemingly forgotten era of CP history, to experience the old parties (and some new ones too) once more, and own some of the original items again (including the coveted beta hat!) Thank you for allowing us to return to a part of our pasts and remember the good old days. It has been a real treat to seek refuge on such an incredible island. Waddle On!

  35. NOT SO Fancyman ANYMORE says:

    If this is an april fools joke I will like, never forgive you guys, repeatedly

  36. Reddy says:

    Everything is shutting down! It’s not fair!

  37. Dani1322 says:

    When is the April Fools Party? It did not start yet!

  38. DavidDoomTVY says:

    Post date April first APRIL FOOL KIDS

  39. Epicx says:

    This is a hard time for all of us to set sail.. but I have to say Vintage penguin had made our community back together to the old good times, the old rooms, the new custom rooms and of course the parties. Preety much 98% of CPPs had never been created to bring back CP’s legacy.. but vintage developers had the vision, the skills, and passion to re-create the island. I also want to thank the other staff with your hard work and dedication.
    Together we can build a small, yet a thrilling island where penguins can waddle and meet new friends!

  40. Dani1322 says:

    im sad you are shutting down soon

  41. Anubis says:

    Im so sad, really Im so sad 🙁

  42. Robertj15 says:

    do you know when you will close yet?

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