Penguin of the Week #28

Hey Penguins!

This weeks Penguin of the Week award goes to…

Halopona! This penguin was nominated by thomas8314 on last week’s Penguin of the Week post. Here’s what they had to say:

thomas83514: I’m nominating Halopona because he helped me with the Pi Quiz in game.

If you’d like to enter a penguin you’ve seen on the island be outgoing or helpful, nominate them in the comments below with their username and the reason why you are nominating them. Be sure to nominate someone else, not yourself!

See you next Monday!


Posted by Sorcerer on March 19th, 2018 | Link | 13 Comments

13 responses to “Penguin of the Week #28”

  1. agentblue says:

    I’m nominating obs1d1an for being one of the best owners

  2. Pepe4358 says:

    I’m nominating Wh1zr because he’s active and helps alot.

  3. Halopona says:

    Thank you so much everybody! I would like to nominate Torres126 and Blewberry02 two passionate content creators for this amazing game!

  4. PlanetPuffle says:

    I’d like to nominate Seto because they’re very friendly, always there to help out, and overall a good player/mod!

  5. koto few says:

    I nominate Chewy, because they’re lit and good to chat with.

  6. Ghosty says:

    I think Toaster Oven is a cool dude that should get potw

  7. Mr Trump says:

    Im nominating Chewy for being the G. Always there for me in the dms, the dudes a goat. <3

  8. PenguinLuke6 says:

    I would like to nominate LiamCPR. he streams this cpps and he always enjoys it

  9. Katia1031 says:

    I’m nominating Helow3 because he’s helpful on the island and he’s on often!

  10. Halopona says:

    I would like to nominate Torres126 for POTW, he is a passionate member of this community, and is a passionate content creator for it through his blog, Club Penguin Mountains!

  11. Halopona says:

    I would also like to nominate Blewberry02, another passionate content creator that releases his content about Vintage Penguin!

  12. ilovepizza says:

    i nominate someone who hasnt been potw maybe 3 or 4 times already

  13. Chewy says:

    basically me^

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