Addressing the Recent Drama

As you may or may not know, Vintage Penguin has been involved in some recent drama over the past few days. There is a group of people, of whom we won’t mention, who have malicious intents towards the CPPS community. These people tend to target all Private Servers, and suspicion rose when we weren’t included in their “list.” Apparently, even more suspicion rose when our other owner, Itay, tweeted out, “Not Today ;)” at one of the recent threats made by this group. Our Owner was simply assuring that this community, the Club Penguin Community, won’t die today. We are an amazing community, we have been together for so long, and we are not about to lose this community. As a result of these suspicions, people were accusing us of making direct deals with this group to perform malicious actions. I had no part in this drama and was unaware of anything before people started making accusations, so, inevitability, Itay was the suspect. Itay and I started working on Vintage Penguin back in 2015 or 2014, I can’t recall very clearly. We had a projected release of much earlier, but we kept changing our minds on era, style, and how our server would be unique from others. We have worked on Vintage Penguin for so long, that I could just not believe that Itay would have any part in this. Especially since Itay…has been drifting away from Vintage Penguin to focus more on his personal matters, such as school and his future. I decided to “interrogate” him with questions based on his recent Tweets and opinions of this group. The conversation went along like this (briefly): .

Itay and I have been good friends for so long, there is no way Itay would’ve ever committed to a deal such as this. He wants Vintage Penguin to be at its best. Usually when I receive messages from him, they are positive and say things such as… “I’m so glad we made Vintage Penguin. Even though it may be small, I just enjoy interacting with the players.” In conclusion, Itay did not make any deals with this group, and these were most likely all false accusations. Although we may be a server that not many know of, we hope that you will still support us all the way through the journey.

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12 responses to “Addressing the Recent Drama”

  1. samsterclone says:

    Thank you for informing us on this issue thouroughly and professionally. You guys do great work and I hope Vintage continues to safely thrive! 🙂

  2. Tenmo says:

    I appreciate you guys coming out to address this issue. I especially thank you for keeping us safe and informed. I will stay here for the full journey, and I can’t wait for what’s to come!

  3. AlexCPPS says:

    <3 Stay safe vintage.

  4. Pancakes says:

    So is Vintage ok? IT’S GONNA BE OK RIGHT?!

  5. Frost says:


  6. Halopona says:

    Thanks for announcing this! I cant wait to see what the future holds for this amazing game!

  7. Snow says:

    Thank God 🙂

  8. Parlydogs says:

    Thank you for announcing this!

  9. Yeti46 says:

    After all, Vintage Penguin stay safe. I hope the flower stay blooming thanks by the cares it recieves. 🙂 The flower is Vintage Penguin and the cares is the community we all are. 😉

  10. billyboi says:

    wow I had no clue about this

  11. Justinlol says:

    I’ll never understand why there’s so much drama over Club Penguin recreations, it’s just supposed to be a fun little online social game to hang out and stuff. Why must it be like this. 🙁 I’m glad it’ll be safe though

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