Throwback Thursday: Happy Haunts!

Hey Penguins!

It’s our first Throwback Thursday here on the blog, and we’ve got some cool exclusive behind-the-scenes concept art from the Halloween Party 2017 to share with you, as well as some context behind it.

You might notice yours truly in the middle of the room. A player model is used when sketching to help get a sense of how big the scenery around the penguin should be. Bright colors are also used to help differentiate what is what, and to help our artists layer everything correctly. A toolbar and other interface items are also put into place so we don’t add important elements behind them to obscure the buttons.

Did you know: the Vintage Penguin Halloween Party had a whopping 11 completely custom rooms! However, as you can see in the picture above, we planned more. This proved to be a challenge because of the amount of detail needed for each room, and the lack of time to create them. Each room is filled with detail, like a pirate’s treasure chest, or a chair left over from a previous owner. There’s also lots of gravestones that bare the names of staff members and people who helped shape Vintage Penguin. Can you spot them all?

That’s all for this weeks Throwback Thursday! I’d love to share more concept art with you, so give me your feedback on how you like this segment on the blog.

Waddle on!


Posted by Sorcerer on February 8th, 2018 | Link | 7 Comments

7 responses to “Throwback Thursday: Happy Haunts!”

  1. Yeti46 says:

    It’s cool to see some of the behind the scenes of some places from parties from Vintage Penguin. And maybe, could you put also some of the sketches of some customs rooms?

  2. Pancakes says:

    THAT IS SO COOL!!! Great job designing those rooms Sorcerer! That Halloween party was the best!

  3. ilovepizza says:

    I never got to participate in the party but i will totally show up at the pizza party! Ilovepizza at your service! 😉

  4. Keemstar says:

    You are an amazing designer! I really loved this party, and I’m glad you killed me and gave me a grave! I can haunt people now.


  5. Snow says:

    I like to see old things from vintage penguin 2017, it brings back memories

  6. Haribo122 says:

    Awesome, you’re great at what you do, Sorc, keep it up!

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