Penguin of the Week #24

Hey Penguins!

Welcome back after a long hiatus. This was partly due to my overflow of school work, but I managed to get through it! Also, from this week on, POTW will be held on Mondays instead of Wednesdays. This weeks Penguin of the Week award goes to…

Woochop! This penguin was nominated by Nummy Nummy, Mr Trump, and thomas83514 on previous Penguin of the Week posts. Here’s what they had to say:

Numy Numy: For POTW, I nominate Woochop. He is a very nice and helpful person. He is pretty friendly and gentle.

Mr Trump: I Nominate Woochop to be POTW! Hes a very nice guy and deserves all the respect.

thomas83514: I nominate Woochop. He showed me where the party items were and he seems like a good player on Vintage Penguin.

If you’d like to enter a penguin you’ve seen on the island be outgoing or helpful, nominate them in the comments below with their username and the reason why you are nominating them. Be sure to nominate someone else, not yourself!

See you next Monday!


Posted by Sorcerer on February 5th, 2018 | Link | 8 Comments

8 responses to “Penguin of the Week #24”

  1. Pepe4358 says:

    I nominate Mario10723 because he’s a great friend and he’s also great in the Vintage Penguin News.

  2. Mario10723 says:

    Congrats Woochop!!!:)

  3. PlanetPuffle says:

    I nominate Cooper7579 because he is a very nice and helpful player and will always help a penguin in need.

  4. Robinboy3.0 says:

    I nominate Sadriozgul. He is an active member and he streams vintage a lot.

  5. Lolef3 says:

    I nominate Greenux because he is very great friend, and he is friendly to everyone! When i need help Greenux is here!

  6. ilikepie says:

    I nominate billyboi for potw because he’s funny and a good friend

  7. Matty says:

    I nominate myself, Matty, because I always try to get on VP and I think I’m a good friend.

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