Big Announcements!

Hello Penguins!

It’s been quite a while, hasn’t it? I’m truly sorry for the lack of newspapers, we seem to be having issues with the printer. I realized that even though the printer is broken, I need to keep writing posts for you guys and keep my writing skills active. So, let’s dive in!

One of the top questions I’ve been receiving is, “What’s the party for this month?” I’m glad you asked because that is a very important topic we need to discuss! So, without further ado, this month’s party is…. THE WINTER FIESTA! I know you penguins will adore this party. Maracas and matadors, sombreros and salsa, and much more will shake up Vintage Penguin when the Winter Fiesta spices up the island! Pick your favorite summer outfit and color, or make a new one with the items from the latest upcoming catalog for this very special occasion! This party is guaranteed to make you get that warming feel of summertime! Join us and welcome summer back once again, only on Vintage Penguin on January 21st! Sorry Gary, but I’m going to have to bend the rules! I can’t leave this paragraph without a special sneak peek of the celebration!


Second, let’s discuss some near-future events. This weekend, you can expect new catalogs and two new pins! I’m sorry there’s no newspaper, the printer is still broken and Gary doesn’t seem to have the attitude to fix it.

Third, let’s talk about something huge for February! I am proud to announce that February’s party will be….. THE FESTIVAL OF SNOW! Even better, in this party, all of you will be involved! We can’t have a festival of snow without you guys! Rumors say that in some distant island that closed a while ago, I think its name was Club Penguin? It was quite a popular island. The Festival of Snow was composed of sculptures of snow made by you penguins in the island. So, starting now we will be opening art submissions to have your art be sculpted in the Festival of Snow. Here’s how you can submit your Vintage Penguin art: You can post a comment on the blog with a photo link to your submission, You can tag us on twitter (@vpenguindev) with your art, or finally you can send a picture via email of your art ([email protected]). There are no requirements for the art you will be submitting, all we ask is that you make it special in your own unique way and that it is vintage penguin appropriate. Lastly, do not feel sad if we do not choose your art, know that our team reviewed your art and no matter how it looks we will always love it and appreciate it.

Fourth, as most of you know… Vintage Penguin is almost turning one year old! Can you believe that it has almost been yet an entire year since this community formed? I’ve had so many amazing memories with you penguins and it makes me tear up with joy that we have been through the fun rollercoaster of Vintage Penguin for a year. Anyways, I can’t wait to kick off with a mini-event to celebrate Vintage Penguin’s 1st Anniversary with you soon! The mini-event will definitely be one to remember.

Finally, the last announcement. This one is rather small but signifies something big. I can’t say much right now, but I will tell you this. We have something enormous planned for March. Something to celebrate a thing we all know and love for.

That’s all I have to say for you penguins now! Thank you for reading, and as always have an amazing day!


Posted by Aunt Arctic on January 13th, 2018 | Link | 19 Comments

19 responses to “Big Announcements!”

  1. Aunt Arctic says:

    I hope you enjoyed the post, penguins!

  2. keemstar says:

    hey aunt arctic! why r u looking down

    also HECK yes im doing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Haribo122 says:


  4. PlanetPuffle says:

    AMAZING 10/10

  5. Kokomo123 says:

    gg, well played aunt arctic, you are one savage.

  6. Snow says:

    I knew it if was Winter Fiesta

  7. Pepe4358 says:

    Noice, St. Pat’s party isn’t it?

  8. Parlydogs says:

    Can’t wait!

  9. VintageGypsy says:

    nice to hear news from you ! I’m in!

  10. PenguinDude says:


  11. Yeti46 says:

    Perfect. Winter Fiesta and the Festival of Snow, two of the many parties i liked from CP. Even though i´m a 2010 player xD.

  12. Dewey2005 says:

    This is great! I can’t wait! Thank you Aunt Arctic! St. Patrick’s day party for March?

  13. Woochop says:

    Woah! This party looks awesome! I can’t wait to celebrate the festival of snow 😀

  14. Cool2424 says:

    As long there is a space in between the pet shop and pizza parlor, and a shop for sports, AND a -secret agent base- i mean i didn’t say that, i’ll keep playing.

  15. Franky says:

    Cp closed in march, wonder if that has something to do with it

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