Penguin of the Week #16

Hey Penguins!

This weeks Penguin of the Week award goes to…

Mr Trump! This penguin was nominated by Tenmo, KEEMSTAR, and Haribo122 on last weeks Penguin of the Week post. Here’s what they all had to say:

Tenmo: “I nominate the user Mr Trump due to the fact that he is a great d00d that I would see as someone fun to hang out irl with and he is very meme-worthy as well. He has a good sense of humour and is in control of his actions.”

KEEMSTAR: “I’d nominate that trump guy. he’s super nice and he’s a cool dude.”

Haribo122:”I’m going to nominate Mr. Trump for being a sound guy, generally being helpful, and sticking it out from the game’s launch.”

If you’d like to enter a penguin you’ve seen on the island be outgoing or helpful, nominate them in the comments below with their username and the reason why you are nominating them. Be sure to nominate someone else, not yourself!

See you next Wednesday!


Posted by Sorcerer on September 14th, 2017 | Link | 17 Comments

17 responses to “Penguin of the Week #16”

  1. Mr Trump says:


  2. Mr Trump says:

    Serious nomination: I nominate dialtone for POTW for he should be my vice president and a very active and nice guy! 😀

  3. Tenmo says:

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    See you next Wednesday!


    Congratulations, you have finally been elected into this grand position! I will now proceed to fax you a coupon book. Now everyone can appreciate and see that just because his name has the US President “Trump” you shouldn’t direct any hate or negativity toward him, since the quotes above proves he’s another great guy with a meme.

  4. Cooper7579 says:

    I’ll be trying to get nominated. I feel like im nice and friendly, but I need to show it first

    • Buzz517 says:

      I would like to nominate Copper7579. He is overall great to hang out as he is very helpful. Copper7579 is also very active and nice. These characteristics really make it fun to hang out with him and overall makes Vintage Penguin a better place. If my boys, Mr. Trump and Emoji Movie are also Penguins of the Week then I am sure that copper7579 could be the next Penguin of the Week.

  5. keemstar says:

    I’m nominating Snoc the hedge. hes cool. i love him just jiding no one can replace alex chan !!!!!!!!!!! **kawaii face** hewwo!!!!!! owo owo ow…. hewwo……..

  6. andrew says:

    I would like to nominate dialtone for next week’s POTW. He’s an active and friendly user, and he’s also quite the talented artist! :))

  7. Kokomo123 says:

    I hope ill be nominated again someday…Congrats mr trump though

  8. Ciullo1 says:

    I would like to nominate Trix80 because if I do then he’ll nominate me and if he doesn’t that I take back this nomination.

  9. dinooooo1 says:

    omg yes purf is amazing he should be penguin of the week

  10. emoji movie says:

    hello owo!!!!! hewwo…… i would like to nominate alex…… because he’s an inspiration, kawaii desu!!! owwo <33 ^.^

  11. Tenmo says:

    I put in my nomination to having dialtone for the next POTW. I feel like he is quite active (on the Discord, at least), very friendly, and sometimes fills in on the 90s. I enjoy his talented art as well. He’s fun to be with when he goes on Vintage. He’s been here since beta and always was enjoyable. I’ll also add that he joins in any role play and is great at it. A very joyful telephone, and the best telephone you can have.

  12. koto few says:

    Please do NOT nominate me. It would be ever so disappointing if I were to win PotW. Again, never nominate koto few.

    (P.S.: Is this how you use reverse psychology?)

    I also nominate iced tea because they are very helpful and amusing.

  13. DidneyLord says:

    I nominate koto few cause he said so.

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