Penguin Tales Writing Contest!

Hey Penguins!

Today I’m glad to announce the first ever Penguin Tales Writing Contest! We’ve been planning this for a few weeks and it’s finally here. Now, what is the writing contest about? Anything! You can write about anything, and we’ll adapt it into a 3-part short story book in the Book Room! Illustrations and everything. How do you enter? It’s easy- just follow the rules and guides below and you’ll be on your way.

Example: “blah blah blah alex is my city I like food this is totally 200 words.”

We can’t wait to see what you do with this. Winners will be chosen on Sunday and announced in the latest issue of the Vintage Penguin Times, and the book is planned to be released Friday, September 15th– this is subject to change. All 3 winners will get a rare in-game book item as well as recognition in the book.

Write on!


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  1. Ciullo1 says:

    This mystical penguin travels back through time with the help of Gary the Gadget Guy’s time machine to a time where penguins hardly inhabited Club Penguin. The penguins recovers lost artifacts and discovers secrets lost to the modern day here in Vintage Penguin. This penguin eventually finds Rockhopper’s long lost grand-pappy who for some reason isn’t a pirate. This penguin now must embark on a quest to make sure history plays out how it’s supposed to.

    • Supor9 says:

      that’s 77 words… rip

    • Ciullo1 says:

      “Yes, the main character in the story is me. Why you hatin?

      Club Historical

      Chapter 1 Thanks Rookie: This story begins on a beautiful fall day. A current PSA agent that goes by the name, “Ciullo1” has just been called into the Gadget Room to evaluate one of Agent G’s newest creations.
      “Hello there, Agent G.” says our friendly fellow PSA agent.
      “Hello agent” says Gary, “today we’ll you’ll be evaluating another of my newest creations, but remember, NO TOUCHING!”
      “Thank you Agent G, I’m well aware.”
      One very boring evaluation later Ciullo1 seems to have wrapped up his work. Rookie also wondered in to check out what was going on.
      “Heya Ciullo1 watcha doing?”
      “Some boring work Agent G asked me to do. I’m not even sure what THAT is.”
      “What’s this button do?”
      “DON’T TOUCH A THING ROOKIE.” Gary has very clearly stated that touching anything in here may result in some… unintended results. Now stay out here while I go check out the inside.”
      “I guess so,” said Rookie as he unintentionally hit a button. “AH what did I just do?!?!”
      “ROOKIE what did you do?” “I’m locked in!” “You mind helping me?
      “Um… Oh Bad Oh Bad Bad Bad” And Rookie being Rookie ran out of the lab yelling. Yeah Ciullo1 isn’t getting out any time soon.
      “Hitting buttons haven’t gotten be anywhere good yet so why stop here?” Ciullo1 said bravely. And that’s exactly what he did. One button press later and that was all it took for things to get out of control. Ciullo1 thought to himself, “Yeah I just pulled a Rookie.” And the only words that went through his head were, “Thanks Rookie.”

      And that’s the end of chapter one, I’ll write chapter two when I get more brain power. Feel free to switch anything around.

  2. Buthter says:

    roghopper was waddling through the plaza on his search to find Tarr, he ran into Alegs while he was walking across the pet shop. roghopper asked Alegs if he has seen a black puffle around the island, Alegs responded to roghopper that he saw a puffle towards the forest and he was taunting the coffee shop owner. roghopper went to the forest and he saw the owner sobbing, “What be wrong matey?” roghopper asked the sobbing penguin. “I was trying to put my coffee down on a table and it was taunting me!” the penguin responded. roghopper then asked the pengin where the “coffee table” went. “I saw the table run towards the cove.” he said. roghopper then ran towards the cove as fast as he could untill he saw a saffron penguin, wearing a fashionable accessory known as the pink bunny ears, facing the ocean waving to a black puffle surfing towards the beach. “Do ye have a PSA phone on ye?” roghopper asked the yellow penguin. They stood in silence. roghopper snatched the psa phone and teleported at the speed of light before the penguin could catch him. “Tarr, where ye be!?” roghopper shouted out while looking for Tarr. He saw a shadow of a puffle running into his ship. “Tarr I found ye!” roghopper said while chasing the swift puffle. Tarr jumped on the poopdeck and he was cornered. “I was looking all over for ye!” he said to him. Tarr then jumped off the deck and swam to an iceberg. The End

  3. Spicyfire8 says:

    The Island is under attack by a new Unknown species (Humans). The Director calls Code Red on the island. All the PSA Agents report to the HQ Immediately.A bunch of Blue loading squares appear in the HQ as all the agents load in for Mission Briefing. The Director comes in through the monitors taking up all the computer screens. She debriefs what exactly is going on. She places all Agent into 3 teams. Defense, Citizen Helpers and Offense. The Defense team comes up with a super high powered shield (In this case Gary would come up with a Tarp that’s been drawn on to just look like Snow and cover the Island in the tarp) Next is The Citizen Helpers, (Rookie is one if them, he accidentally leads one of the citizens to the Wilderness, Rookie then finds a cooy of the book Gary had given you in the sled mission) they evacuate all citizens of the Island down to the Boiler room, cave and Mine. Lastly, the Offense group. Jetpack Guy is in this one, he has designed a mock-up for a Jetpack/Snow ball launcher combo. The contraption is built and the team tends off the Humans. Lastly to wrap it up, Jet Pack guy notices smoke from the Wilderness, he picks up Rookie and the now angry citizen. Rookie then wraps it up with a incredibly cliche line “Hey, what’d I miss?”

    The End

  4. Tenmo says:

    Hey, what number am I supposed to fax my story to? I couldn’t seem to find it in the post. Please let me know as soon as possible so I can submit my story.

  5. Ciullo1 says:

    Club Historical

    This story begins on a beautiful fall day. A current PSA agent that goes by the name, “Ciullo1” has just been called into the Gadget Room to evaluate one of Agent G’s newest creations.
    “Hello there, Agent G.” says our friendly fellow PSA agent.
    “Hello agent” says Gary, “today you’ll be evaluating another of my newest creations, but remember, NO TOUCHING!”
    “Thank you Agent G.”
    One very boring evaluation later Ciullo1 seems to be close to finishing up his work. Rookie also wondered in to check in.
    “Heya Ciullo1 watcha doing?”
    “Some work Agent G asked me to do. I’m not even sure what THAT is.”
    “What’s this button do?”
    “DON’T TOUCH A THING ROOKIE.” “Gary has very clearly stated that touching anything in here may result in some… unintended results. Now stay out here while I go check the inside.”
    “I guess so,” said Rookie as he unintentionally hit a button. “AH what did I just do?!?!”
    “ROOKIE what did you do?” “I’m locked in!” “You mind helping me?
    “Um… Oh Bad Oh Bad Bad” And Rookie being Rookie ran out of the lab yelling. Yeah Ciullo1 isn’t getting out anytime soon.
    “Hitting buttons haven’t gotten be anywhere good yet so why stop here?” Ciullo1 said bravely. And that’s exactly what he did. One button press later and that was all it took for things to get out of control. Ciullo1 thought to himself, “Yeah I just pulled a Rookie.” And the only words that went through his head were, “Thanks Rookie.”
    Once Ciullo1 was able to wake up he realized where he was. That was a TIME MACHINE! He’s in the past!
    “I might as well sightsee while I’m here.” Going through the old looks of the town, seeing penguins that were decades older from his time, also so weird and nostalgic. He passed a penguin who seemed mighty familiar.
    “Rockhopper?” The penguin didn’t answer. “Um, excuse me, you wouldn’t happen to be related to Captain Rockhopper would yo-”
    “ARGH, Who ye be talking to me matey?” This strange penguin resembled Rockhopper but seems to be different.
    “Augh blast it all!” “Me boat is unfixable again she is.” “That’s it, it’d be time anyway for me to be packing me peg leg away.”
    Ciullo1 knew instantly that this must be one of Rockhopper’s old relatives. But if one of Rockhopper’s ancestors quit being a pirate that could alter the present!
    “Uh sir, I’ll help fix your boat.” “We could ask for donations from the other penguins.”
    “Hmmmm. Are ye from out of town or something?” I never forget a face and ye don’t seem familiar.”
    “No sir, I’ve lived here my whole life.”
    “Well if ye lived here then ye must know that me boat runs on a special amulet only acquired from a hidden area deep in the Club Penguin wilderness.” “I’ve seen to lost it so finding it would be a big help.”
    “I’m on the case captain!” As Ciullo1 sledded down to the wilderness below the Ski Hill he wondered, “What could’ve possibly changed in history to cause Rockhopper’s ancestor to lose his amulet and give up being a pirate?” A story for another day I suppose. Ciullo1’s first instinct would be to check the cave where he started a controlled fire that one time for G’s Test Sled. This was obviously way before that happened so materials might be a bit more difficult to find. And he didn’t have G’s Survival Guide to help him. That’s when it dawned on him. He didn’t even ask what the amulet looked like. And as if it were scripted, a giant orange-red glow emitted near the river. Now diving head first into a freezing cold river for an object you’re not 100% is the item you’re looking for in the past to save the present, isn’t a good idea. However, it worked THIS TIME. Also however the river was freezing. And who would’ve known that the river leads into a waterfall.
    “Well, I might as well make this look cool.” Flippers and head first and one perfect leap and SPLASH. The good news is now the beach is visible from where Ciullo1 one is, the bad news is that it’s about 3 miles away. Fortunately a sailboat was in the area combing the ocean. Or was it a sailboat? No it was an iceberg and it almost looked like it tipped! With someone on it? No… that’s impossible.
    “Icebergs tipping is a myth right?” “But this creature just tipped it!” “And now it seems to be swimming to shore and… that was NOT a penguin.” “Oh well.” The iceberg wasn’t completely gone so that would be the best transportation Ciullo1 would get. And to the island Ciullo1 went. Before he gave the amulet back he had to get home somehow. It was a power source right? Ciullo1 powered the time machine then gave the amulet back.
    “All me thanks goes to ye now. I will sail the seven seas once more all thanks to you!” They left in good spirit. And before Ciullo1 could get involved in anything else, hitting a button in a time machine was probably the best feeling in the world at that point. He arrived to see Gary with his beak down.
    “Uhhhh, ROOKIE DID IT!” Ciullo1 was looking forward to going to his igloo that night and enjoying himself. Because that’s the LAST time, he’s testing anything for G.

    Ok, that’s the whole story I hope you enjoyed it. Like I said before, change anything you want, I apologize for any formatting/grammar error I might’ve made. Condense it down if you want, I was too lazy to count the words. Thanks for listening!

    • keemstar says:

      omg it tipped what !!! so heartbreaking im crying. 10/10 alex isnt in it <:(

    • Ciullo1 says:

      You guys remember a certain polar bear’s history? From when he explained how he was on an iceberg for so long and when he found Club Penguin he accidentally tipped it. Uh huh. And I totally made the accusation that I started the iceberg tipping rumor. Thanks Ciullo1.

  6. Cooper7579 says:

    Where do I post my story?

  7. PenguinDude says:

    Once, there was a Penguin named jimjoe192. He was an ordinary Penguin. Working as Alex’s slave. He had to scrub the puffles (bathe them). One Day, Alex told him “Hey jim, today you’re gonna have to walk the green puffle.” When jimjoe192 heard this, he was instantly excited. He has never walked a puffle in his life. When he put the leash onto the puffle, the puffle bounced up and down in excitment. And then, the puffle ran out the door, pulling jimjoe192. “WOAH!” jimjoe192 yelled out. The puffle then put on it’s propeller hat, and then flew into the air. jimjoe192 was in awe, to see all of Vintage Penguin. The Lighthouse, The Coffee Shop, and the mineshack. The green puffle then started to fly around. First it went to the ski hill. jimjoe192 saw some penguins sledding down, racing to the end. Then went to the Coffee Shop to see Aunt Artic writing for the new newspaper. Then the puffle flew over the cove, jimjoe192 saw penguins surfing and swimming. The puffle started to fly a bit fast, jimjoe192 held on tightly, scared, but having so much fun at the same time! The puffle then flew through the mines, jimjoe192 looked around while flying through the mines, and seeing some crystals too. When the puffle flew outside of the mine, it went onto the tallest mountain. jimjoe192 was stunned by the look of the peak, the puffle landed onto it, and placed a tiny flag. jimjoe192 looked down, and regretted it. He felt weird, and shaky, the feeling of maybe about to fall. The puffle signaled him that it was time to go fly somewhere else, and then jimjoe192 held onto the leash again, and then they flew off. The puffle then flew around, and then jimjoe192 started losing his grip! He then lost his grip and fell into the puffle shop. He landed on Alex. “Oof!” Said Alex. jimjoe192 got up and said to Alex, “That was fun!” And then Alex said, “You’re fired.” jimjoe192 was shocked and asked Alex, “Why?” Then Alex laughed and said “JUST JOKING!” Alex then promoted jimjoe192 to the offical puffle walker. “You did well, kid.” Alex said. “Especially for only the first puffle.” jimjoe192, had a great day. THE END.

  8. TimothyC says:

    ‘Swoosh’ goes the cold and dark water as the great Captain of the seas wakes up in fear. ”Arrrr Wha’ a bad dream” as he lifts his head as fast as a penguin who just spots its food. As Rock Hopper was beginning to lay down he heard the impact of ship tearing into a block of ice. ”Me ship” yelled Rock Hopper as Yarr walks in. Yarr is Rock Hoppers puffle who loves to go sailing with Rock Hopper ever he found Rock Hoppers island. As Rock Hopper goes to the starring wheel he trips over and falls down back to the cabinet. ”Boat is to slippery Yarr” as he tried to climb back into the starring room. As he was climbing to the room, the boat started doing turning and turning until it came to a 180 degree angle in the air, ”Oh shoot” cried out Rock Hopper as his boat feel tipped into the water. ”Yooo ”Who is that” is all he could hear as he opened his eyes. ”I don’t know, seems to be a pirate” said one of the children. ”What is this place” said Rock Hopper as he smiled with a very confused face. ”This is Club Penguin Island” pirate sir, ”Club Penguin Island?, What is this place” Said Rock Hopper as heard footsteps in the background. ”Hello, I am Aunt Arctic and this is the other members of the Club Penguin Island” said Aunt Artic with a giggly voice. ”Oh yes!!!” screamed Gary as he saw new improvements that he could do to this broken ship as Rock Hopper began to cry. ”Yarrrrr!, My Poor Yarrrrr, where are you buddy?” as he sees a Little door with what looks like to be a red bouncy ball. ”My poor Yarrr” cried Rock Hopper as Yarrr bounced on top of Rock Hoppers head. ”My boy, How are you?, Are you okay :o?” yelled Rock Hopper as he looked happier than winning a free Boat upgrade. ”Woooooah!” goes the crowd as Aunt Artic asks ”What is that?” ”What is what” said Rock Hopper, ”That red creature?” gasped Aunt Artic as Rock Hopper said ”Its fine, its only a Red Puffle and his name is Yarrr!” ”Please come to the Coffee shop and book room and tell us more about your self and where did you come from” ”Ok” said Rock Hopper as they went to the Coffee shop.

    And this is how Rock Hopper came to Club Penguin Island (also why he has his Journal in the book room)

    Thanks for listening 😀

  9. gheppy says:

    The magic puffle
    Henry:Hey dragon
    Henry:Where are we?
    Ddragon:I don’t know…
    Henry:I think i heared somebody…
    Henry:WHAT WAS THAT!?!?
    Ddragon:I DON’T KNOW!!! RUN!!!
    ???:I’M COMIN WOR YOU!
    Henry:What do you want from us?
    ???:YOUR PUFFLES!!!
    Ddragon:AAAAAH wait what?
    Henry:Really?Our puffles?
    ???:Yes!You evil penguins stolen my family!
    Ddragon:Your family?Wait a minute…that means…
    ???:Yes!I’m a puffle!THE MAGIC PUFFLE!My name
    is Flowe11,and i’m alone…here…in this cave…
    Henry:Would you like to stay with us?
    Ddragon:Ok let’s go!

  10. Ziscor says:

    [Disclaimer: This story contains 621 words]

    “The Stolen End” – A short story by Ziscor

    Genre – Noir Detective Parody

    It was a sullen night, like any other. Rain pouring on this soulless city, giving a hint of carbon in the air. That broad had but given me a simple glimpse from the other end of the Café. A coffee in one hand, a novel in the other, she was like no penguin I’d ever laid eyes on. I was a detective at that time. Drowning my days in coffee, bluffing my way through cases, and the nights trying to find myself… somewhere in this urban melting pot. In the cold, moonlit scene one could easily mistake this moment for an omen, but I wasn’t so naïve. I got up from the couch and made my way for the door. The barista waved his flipper at me. Today was not that day.

    Ms Potts had made a report of her missing fiancé. Naturally, I was assigned the case. The case of the missing lover. Almost romantic. With no clues at my disposal, the entire department was certain this was a case even I couldn’t solve, but I had my methods.

    The next day, I made my way for Ms Potts’ igloo. A quaint, humble abode. Loving pictures with the missing penguin hung on the walls. Must have loved each other a lot. Or that’s the impression. “Mister, thank you for helping. Now, can I get you a cup of tea?” I had just had two cups of coffee on the way over, so I refused. She sat me on her plaid couch, and allowed me ask my questions.

    I started with the basics. It’s taught to all detectives in the department; essentially a standard procedure: “Where did you last see Mr Dent before his disappearance?” “Why, I don’t know! We were having a great time at the cove just yesterday. I left for getting us more fish sandwiches and by the time I came back, he was gone!”

    I noticed she had two puffles. Both were playing a game of hide and seek in the corner. I proceeded to my next question. “Do you know anyone that would want Mr Dent gone?” She had a distinct look in her eye this time. With a small gaze and a sigh, she replied with “I’m sorry. There’s nothing I know about that. My Harvey is a very peaceful penguin, everyone loves him!”

    I realised there was not much I was going to get out of this lady, so I got up, shook flippers, requested for a picture of Dent and headed out for The Cove. A nice family destination for friends and couples alike, this place was an easy escape from The Town and The Plaza’s chaos. I used to come here when I was just a cop, but life denied me that pleasure after a simple promotion. Funny how that works.

    When I reached The Cove, I noticed there were less surfers than usual. Just two simple looking blue penguins, practicing their skills against the tide. One of them was at the coast, waiting for her pal to finish his round. I saw this opportunity to do my job; I took out the photo from my trench coat and asked sternly, “Have you seen this penguin?” “Oh, hey there! Nice day, ‘innit! Nah, no idea who that is. By chance, there’s a bloke sleeping in the shack, try asking ‘im.”

    What seemed like a tough egg to crack became the frying omelette in a pan. Mr Dent himself sleeping in the shack with a copy of the Times covering his face. It seems he had had one two many fish sandwiches, and he decided to take a small nap. Maybe not the nap he wanted. Just another case of a missing oaf.


  11. Jmaster44444 says:

    It all started on a very cold day in the nightclub, two penguins were chatting then one said out of nowhere… I dare you to go into the boiler room! The penguin said are you crazy? i’ll go then…sure the penguin said with a smirk on his beak…later that day the penguin in the boiler room was well no other way to put it…bored, so he got out his spyphone and teleported to the pizza parlor. The penguin from earlier felt bad and went down to the boiler room, but no one was there! He checked everywhere but he couldn’t find the other penguin… so he used his spyphon and went to the pizza parlor to calm down. He later mumbled..oh where could he be? then from the other table he heard… Oh hey I got bored in that Boiler Room sorry for no notice!

  12. Yeti46 says:

    It’s was 7:00 am and Willy just waked up. He grab his spyglass and watch the sea. Then he watch something black like a medium shadow. He wasnt sure what he just saw so he tell to his pirates buddies. Samir (Willy’s pirate buddy) say that it maybe be a shark. Yeti (another Willy’s pirate buddy) say that it could be a squid. DidneyLord (the captian of the “El 17” ship), instead of saying what was that strange thing on the sea, he just say that follow it. At 2:00 pm, “El 17” was in the middle of the clam sea. Willy; wearing a divers suit, green flippers and a diver helmet; say that he would go underwater. He jump off the “El 17” and he could see many corals, grey fishes, flufflies, sharks and; obviously; clams. Suddenly the back medium shadow swam faster near Willy. Willy was scared so he pulled the rope so his pirates buddies could elevate him but it was too late. The strange black shadow cut the rope with his mouth. Meanwhile at the “El 17”, the pirates buddies were deseperated and were in panic. Suddenly they feel the ship was moving and a meduim,green and ugly (but also funny) sea monster appear. In top of his head there was Willy, saved and healthy. The sea monster try only to have friends because everyone at the sea were scared of his appearance. The pirate buddies refelct a moment and saw that also sea monsters have feelings. The pirate buddies say to the sea monster if he want to eat with them at 8:00 pm and the sea monster accept. At 8:00 pm, the pirates and the sea monster were eating a delicious fish sandwich with a cup of cream soda from the greatest pirate ever: Rockhopper.
    THE END.

    Words:299( counting the end) (idk if i count incorrectly)

  13. Haribo122 says:

    The crisp, frozen winds blew throughout the island as the clock tower struck twelve. Midday. The snow had been swept across the island once again after the storm, and everything was stark white. The atmosphere across the island was joyous. As per usual, everybody was lethargically sitting in the town, comfortably communicating as they impatiently wait for something to happen. Several penguins stood out, while some confined themselves in the background, watching as the others engaged in the occasional snowball fight. One of these penguins sat dismissively as he spectated, tightening his scarf around his neck and settling a pair of jet black sunglasses on his beak. His head was bare. Approaching from the coffee shop, a black penguin, donning a green apron waved.
    “Oi! Where’s your top hat?” He yelled, as he rushed towards the blue penguin, who was seated in front of the dark purple painted walls of the gift shop.
    “Heaven knows! I had it this morning, however it seems to have disappeared!”
    The two peaked over the heads of the others, and watched a cloud form above the igloos.
    It was not a cloud, but smoke, produced by a fireplace in an occupied igloo. The occupant, was not a penguin, contrary to the beliefs of those in the town, but a puffle. Namely a black one, which had been dubbed by its owner as ‘Reginald’. He was a small, scrawny creature, yet he had good intentions, and was generally seen as an unmitigated, wonderful pet to be around.
    Reginald was growing impatient waiting for his owner, Haribo122, to return. Growing restless, he peaked out of the window, by leaping onto the piano which conveniently lay nearby. Snow-caps rolled outside, and Reginald was eager to get closer. Suddenly, he noticed the latch for the window was loose. The minute fur ball, knowing of his own intelligence, pushed open the window, and tumbled out. Reginald yelped, and began to move away from the igloo, and through a woodland that had enclosed the igloos. Reginald squeaked as he admired the sights around him. Amazed and bemused, he didn’t focus on the path he was taking, and eventually found himself in the plaza, staring up at the pizza parlour. He knew this sight before, and whined as he moved closer to the sidewalk, only to stumble upon something imbedded within the snow. A top hat! He knew exactly where this had come from!
    “I just don’t know. I had it earlier, and I’ve gotta find it. I’m not me without it!”
    Reginald scurried from the plaza, with the top hat perched on his head, into the snow forts. He trampled past the clock tower, which had now struck 13, and into the town.
    “Hey, look!” The black penguin yelled, pointing at a top hat sliding along the snow.
    “A sentient top hat. Wow!” The blue penguin leaped to his feet.
    “It’s mine!” he lifted it, and found Reginald smirking. You? Haha! Thanks Reginald! Haribo laughed with glee.
    “You must have wanted to go out, and you’ve stumbled on my top hat!”
    Reginald squeaked, in glee, as the others watched intently at Haribo as he hugged his puffle, and placed his top hat firmly on his head.

  14. Kokomo123 says:

    PenguinWiz12 Goes on an adventure through the lovely city of club penguin! He notices something strange at the underground pool. He suddenly realizes the window is broken! So he calls gary and then gary lifts the island into the air to repair the broken window without causing flooding like what happened at the water party. There’s a bunch of festivities like flying kites, riding to the top mountain, and playing with jetpacks! This is a fun day, I wonder what he has planned in store next? A few months later, PenguinWiz12 encounters the fair! He has so much fun at the fair and being happy as can be.. But suddenly, his spyphone rings and he’s called to action! Herbert is afoot! He traces where herbert has been and then he tries to catch herbert, but he runs away! He got a fur and gave it to gary, which analyzes it. They capture herbert for doing diablocal things. Once christmas rolls around, we search for the hidden golden puffle and successfuly find it! We got presents from santa penguin. We have now proceeded and had fun doing that. Tenmo was giving hot cocoa out and having a blast. I was celebrating my birthday, but then suddenly the island was cracking! The whole island was panicing and the island split in two. Gary is repairing the damage right now, and figuring out who caused it. Something massive came out of the ground, it was a big machine! It was something not herbert did! The villian’s name was The Ghost Crook. The ghost crook did horrible things, trying to tear up the island, but the PSA defeated them. We cleared up the damage, had great parties and being cool.

  15. Roy2490 says:

    “The Green Eyed Man” -By Roy2490
    A short story featuring: A young penguin, a few puffles, a Halloween Party, and a Green Eyed Man.
    Genre – Mystery

    Chapter 1 – The Green Eyed Man

    The cold winds brushed my hair as I walked along the concrete path under the moonlight. Many other penguins wearing funny costumes ran past me as I made my way down the path. It was the Halloween Party, and every penguin was excited for one thing: Trick or Treating. It’s a simple thing, you go door to door asking for candy. Everyone loved it, though, I personally am not a fan of Trick or Treating or Halloween in general. Before I continue, I should introduce myself. My name is Roy, I have three puffles who joined me for this adventure, a yellow puffle whose name is Phill, a green puffle whose name is Henry, and a white puffle whose name is Wilson. Each one of them has their own personality, far beyond any other puffle I’ve seen. Phill was my first puffle, and probably my best friend. He is extremely curious and creative, often day-dreams and can be seen wearing a super hero mask and cape most of the time. Henry was my second puffle. He is always being a joker, he rarely takes naps and has a laugh like no other. He loves his propeller cap and flies around the house with it (sometimes crashing and breaking my furniture). I didn’t adopt him from the Puffle Shop either, he flew into my face one day while I was walking through the forest. My third puffle is Wilson. He is very brave for a white puffle and often jumps out of my window to play in the snow outside. He enjoys the cold and is very extroverted.
    The Halloween Party is a recurring event, most of the time everything is normal. Penguin’s go Trick or Treating, explore the newly decorated island, and maybe even meet the famous scientist, Gary the Gadget Guy. This Halloween was unlike others, though. There were multiple power outages during the construction of this party. The Snow Fort clock stopped working; all the parts were mysteriously taken away (All the security cameras went offline during the robbery). Finally, and the creepiest thing of all, during these outages, there were sightings of “The Green Eyed Man”. The Green Eyed man was seen wearing multiple different items, but one item was consistent: A pair of night-vision goggles. During the sightings, the Green Eyed Man was simply staring at people, and when people tried to take a picture, he’d disappear. The security cameras failed to pick up any trace of the Green Eyed Man, as they began to glitch and eventually began to show two bright Green Eyes blocking the view of the cameras.
    The path I was walking on came to an end, and in front of me stood tall old lifeless trees, a small trail of candy wrappers, a thick purple fog, and an ominous faint green light at the end of this candy wrapper trail.

    Chapter 2 – The Forest

    If you have not been able to guess by now, I’m walking through a forest. Not the usual one next to the plaza, this is a forest I’ve never seen before. As an adventurer, I, of course, am interested, but at the same time scared. Who knows whats in this forest? While recapping my thoughts, I heard a maniacal laugh just beyond the thick fog. This made not only me jump, but Wilson who was in my hands. Henry, who was struggling to fly forward due to the winds (he refused to walk) laughed back, and suddenly there was a conversation via laughter. I began to walk slower and eventually came to a stop. The candy trail ends here, and the thick fog only became heavier to the point where the I could no longer see the green light. Now I was lost.
    “Phill, can you see anything” I desperately asked the puffle. The puffle shook his head.
    “Hmm… Aha! Henry, fly upwards over the fog to scout out the area, and lead us towards the green light.” I shouted with excitement. “Henry? … Henry..? Where are you?” I looked around only to see Phill’s red cape blowing in the heavy winds.
    “He must’ve been blown away due to these winds… he could be anywhere now!” I said, with clear worry in my voice.
    “We are going backward,” I said while grabbing Phill to make sure he somehow didn’t fly off as well. “we must find Henry before it’s too late.” We followed the direction of the wind, which was leading towards the way we came from. I was still shaking in worry for the safety of Henry until suddenly, I notice two green lights in the distance. Immediately I think it’s one of the Halloween light decorations that each trick or treating house has, which gets me excited. Getting closer, to the point where I can see it through the fog, I have a sudden realization of who it is. The Green Eyed Man. Behind him was a series of houses, many trick or treaters running in panic, dropping their bags filled with sweet goodies. The Green Eyed Man began to speak with a rigged scratchy deep voice.
    “Hello there, Roy. You were clever to attempt to find me and catch me, but you stand no match again me! I am the one and only Rook–I mean the Green Eyed Man! Yes, that’s me, the Green Eyed Man, nobody else…”
    “Rook… I only know one person whose name begins with Rook, and that’s Rookie. Rookie, take off your mask.”
    “I am not Rookie! Though, Rookie sounds like an extremely smart and handsome guy. No matter! My plan is already finished, and I shall have all the Halloween Candy! Haha–” The Green Eyed Man began to cough while laughing.
    “What is your plan?”
    “I’m glad you asked, allow me to explain! I made a machine to make zombies that could steal all the candy for me. To power the machine I needed a lot of power, so I took it from the Boiler Room using Gary’s very experimental “Power Sapper Battery 3000!” To get the parts I needed, I borrowed them from the clock tower.”
    “Wait a minute, it all makes sense now! The recent question sent to Gary asking “How to build a machine that can make zombies to take candy” that was posted in the newspaper was a guy named Rokie, which must’ve been an alias. Gary said himself that was an oddly specific question, along with saying you would only be able to find the necessary parts in the Clock Tower, which made you take them. I know you are a PSA agent, which allowed you access to the Gadget Room, and access to the “Power Sapper Battery 3000” which you stole. Only a PSA agent would know where all the secret security cameras around the island are, and access to the Headquarters where you must’ve sabotaged the cameras to glitch. Also, you can only find goggles like those in the “F.I.S.H.” handbook. Rookie, take off your mask and stop the mask–” Just as I said that two robotic penguin zombies grabbed me and pushed me away.
    “Zombies, get me all the candy you can find and bring it to me! The genius Rookie–I mean the Green Eyed Man strikes again!” Rookie said. The zombies walked away towards the houses. As he finished his sentence, a green ball with a propeller cap hits Rookie in the face, knocking his mask off.
    “What the heck?” Rookie said, now unmasked.
    “Henry!” I ran over to Henry and picked him up, giving him a warm hug. I looked over at Rookie and picked him up. I took out my personal Spy Phone to contact Gary and eventually Gary arrived with Jetpack Guy.

    Chapter 3 – Reconstruction
    “What in tarnation, Rookie!” Gary shouted “You cause all of this for candy? The Director will be very furious with you, Rookie.”
    “But it’s candy, who could pass up candy?” Rookie whined
    “Just trick or treat yourself, not that hard.” Jetpack Guy said in a deep, threatening voice.
    “I… I didn’t think of that…” Rookie said.
    “Where is this machine? We must deactivate it before further damage is done.” Gary said. Rookie pushed a few buttons on his Spy Phone, which teleported all 4 of them, including the puffles, to the machine. “Here it is! Ain’t she a beauty?” Rookie said, leaning on a red button. The machine was fairly big, and you could clearly see multiple cogs and springs that belong in the Clock Tower. There was a conveyor belt holding robotic penguin zombies which began to walk into the forest. There was an assortment of buttons, a big red one which Rookie was leaning on. “What does that big button do?” I asked
    “Oh, it forces the machine and all the zombies to self-destruct.” Rookie calmly said.
    “What?!” I shouted
    “Don’t worry, it takes like… five minutes after pressing the button to blow up.
    “When did you press it?”
    “I’d say… about five minutes ago.”
    Gary ran towards the control panel of the machine and ripped out the Power Sapper Battery 3000, which was powering the machine, along with the self-destruct mechanism. “There we go, now we can find a way to destroy the machine and robots without blowing it up,” Gary said while throwing the battery to the floor.
    “That’s strange… It should be going kaboom by now…” Rookie walked to the control panel, Gary was now in the front of the machine thinking about how to destroy it along with the robots. “That should do it!” Rookie adjusted the battery back to where it should be, powering the machine and self-destruct mechanism.
    “There we go, it should blow up in a few seconds now.” Rookie said while walking up to me.
    “Wait what–” before I could finish, there was a massive explosion, forcing us all to fly back, along with my 3 puffles. “Oomph!” I said while hitting a tree.
    “Yay, fireworks!” Rookie cheered.
    “Seriously, Rookie?” Gary said. After Gary finished, there were multiple explosions coming from the forest and island.
    “There go the robots.” Rookie explained, trying to lighten up the mood.
    “Ugh… just go to Headquarters, immediately..” Gary said. “Jetpack Guy, make sure he doesn’t mess anything up.” “Got it, G” Jetpack Guy said while taking the Power Sapper Battery 3000 and teleporting to HQ.
    “Thanks, Roy, for contacting me asap.” Gary said while walking over to me.
    “No problem, G.”
    “I need to get going, contact me again if anything happens. Happy Halloween, Roy.”
    “See ya G, Happy Halloween!” With that, Gary teleported back to HQ and I made my way out of the forest, now with all the fog being cleared up, it was much easier. I had all my puffles with me and made sure Henry didn’t fly away.
    “Nice work, Henry. To repay the favor, I’ll buy you a new propeller cap.” I said while petting his back. He smiled playfully before I tripped on a mask. The Green Eyed Man’s night vision goggles. I took them as a trophy, to keep them in case I ever wanted to scare one of my friends. Walking back home, I saw the remains of zombie robots and tons of candy on the ground.
    The Tale of the Green Eyed Man ends here. No word got out that Rookie was the Green Eyed Man, leaving the Green Eyed Man still a mystery for many… but I know the truth.


    Hopefully, everyone enjoyed this short story, good luck to everyone else as well! Here is a little something I made that shows Roy’s player card and his design.
    Thank you,

    (P.S. This story is very long, condense it at will!)

  16. keemstar says:

    It was a sunny day, and Alex was rounding up his puffles. They were crazy today. They ran around, jumping all over the place! Alex was very mad. Plus, he was getting hot. “I’m surprised the snow hasn’t melted!” He said to himself.
    He finished rounding up the puffles. He went to get some fresh Scones.. Until he saw a poster!


    Alex started running towards the Ski Village. He loved Fairs! Some Coffee Guy saw him, and was confused. He had a fresh plate of Scones..
    Alex arrived at the Ski Village. A bunch of penguins were there, wanting to be the host! Alex ran up to the sign-in table, and jotted his iconic signature down. He then got into the huge crowd surrounding a big stage.
    A penguin waddled up to the stage, and grabbed a microphone. “Hello, I’m Rookie! I’ll be deciding the Host of the Fair! I’ll pull a random name out.. And they will win!” He said, and everyone cheered. Alex realized something- he might not get picked! He was the last to sign the paper, meaning it’d be rare if he even won..
    Rookie then reached into a huge bowl, and pulled out coins.. “Oops.. Must’ve gotten mixed in!” He laughed, and then pulled out a piece of paper. “The Host of the Fair is…” He said, pausing for suspense. “I hope it’s me..” Alex thought.


    Alex stood still, filled with excitement. Then, he ran up to the stage. “Congrats, dude! By the way, can I get your autograph?” Rookie joked. Then, he reached out behind the stage to grab a hat! “This is for the Host of the annual Vintage Penguin Fair, ALEX!” Rookie shouted.

    Weeks passed. Alex sat at his new desk, tired. Being the Host was awful! He had so much work to do, and Fashion44 didn’t really help. He only worked on the clothes. Alex sighed, signing the last bit of paper work. He expected to get Cheese cake, Puffle O’s and maybe SCONES!
    Then, Rookie ran up to him. “Alex! The Fair’s about to start! We gotta hurry!! It’s 1 day away!” He yelled. Alex then got up, and ran to get prepared.
    His day was then filled with him testing out Target games, and seeing if the Ball Pits were good enough. Then, he went to bed. He was happy. His job wasn’t bad anymore! Now, he’d have to host the fair.

    The end

    ((i rewrote my story because hey. the fair is cooler.))

  17. trix80 says:

    Who is Alex? What do you know about him? not much, other than the fact that he loves puffles. What is he hiding? Do you want to know? I know I do. Join me on this journey back to the past to find about this penguin by the name of Ale-…


    ***fast for- I mean backwards 20 years***

    Lost in time, how will trix80, Gary, and Rookie get back to the present da-


    It’s a shame that the time machine isn’t there because it was invented later than the time they are stuck in now. Also can you stop cutting me o-

    “That’s a shame, let’s go to the town to find some penguins.”

    The 3 penguins go to the tow- oh wait, update: there is no town, it hasn’t been built yet.

    “This day just keeps getting worse and worse, lets try to find some penguins, if they do exis- ALEX!?!?!??! WHAAAAAAAAAT?”

    Trix80 has spotted Alex, who looks exactly the same 20 years before the present. Take notes, now we know that Alex doesn’t age? How many other mysteries does he keep secret?

    “Uhhhhh, how do you know my name?” said Alex.

    “Because in like a few years you discover puffle animal things dude,” said Rookie.

    “What are you talking about? I dicovered puffles more than 50 years ago-”

    I think trix80 and rookie just set the record for biggest jaw drop. At this point figuring out the secrets that Alex keeps were in the back of Trix and Rookie’s minds. They were very hungry.

    “Well, I’m just gonna try to forget everything you just said. Is there any food or coffee around here? It’s been a long morning.”

    “Yeah, here take these treats.”

    “Thank you so muc- wait what? These are puffle-O’s!”

    “I know.”

    “Ew, I’m no longer hungry, I just lost my appetite. Can you help us get back to the present?”


    Trix and Rookie don’t have time to waste, so they continue their journey. They know Gary is alive at this time, so they go try to find Gary, and oh how convenient, a high tech igloo. They go in, and wow, how lucky they are, well this is an abrupt ending… Gary’s parents have already made the Time Traveler v1, and it’s late so I need to go to sleep so yea happy ending they get back to the future, I mean present, oh also Trix spoils the fact that Alex eats puffle-o’s, I did bad on this it’s very late bye zZzZz

  18. trix80 says:

    I excluded Gary just ignore him in the first part

  19. Mr Trump says:

    “DANGIT SUPOR!” Alex yelled, “YOURE WASTING ALL OF OUR MONEY ON TENMO’S DANG COFE. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS.” Supor’s wife was going absolutely bananas. “Well what do you want me to do about, Alex?” “I want you to stop ordering cofe off our credit card and actually go get a darn job you lazy no life hacker man.” The end.

  20. cg711 says:

    The Wishing Stone
    By Cg711
    All Cg711 could remember was a noise, waking from his slumber, and suddenly, his wizard hat being gone. Looking around, there was no trace of an intruder lurking about. Confused, Cg711 checked the pedestal in which his hat had been sitting. There was a hastily written note when picked up, could be read almost unintelligibly as “Thanks for the hat! No promises that I’ll be giving it back though!”. Still in a daze, Cg711 shrugged. “I’ll just get it back tomorrow.” Cg711 mumbled as he fell asleep almost instantly on his comfortable snow bed. Suddenly, the sound of an alarm clock, and rays of sunshine blazing through the window. Suddenly, he realized what had happened.
    Walking through town, Cg711, still in a bad mood from the previous night, couldn’t help but overhear the enlivened blabbering of penguins, talking about some sort of “wishing stone”. Curiously, Cg711 approached a lime green penguin to ask about what all the stir was about. The lime green penguin was happy to fill him in, and pointed at his newspaper.
    For awhile now, the penguins had been bustling on about the return of Rockhopper, as apparently he held a very sacred item, that could potentially bring new life to the island. Rockhopper called it, the “wishing stone”. According to local legend, Rockhopper had been exploring the coffee bean islands, and discovered the stone in a cave. When Rockhopper had touched the stone, reportedly a powerful voice erupted from the stone and asked for him to make a wish. The stone bellowed Rockhopper could wish for anything, and instantly receive it. Rockhopper was startled, yet amazed. This new discovery could be revolutionary!
    This news was incredible! “If this news is true… and if I managed to snag the stone…” Cg711 thought to himself, “I could get my wizard hat back!”. Turning away, Cg711 thanked the penguin, and managed to snag a newspaper from outside the coffee shop for his own. Looking at the newspaper, the headline was of course centered on Rockhoppers discovery, but was also pertained within the main article below. Skimming the paper, Cg711 managed to find the date of Rockhoppers arrival to the island. “This is where my master plan starts…” Cg711 murmured, smirking to himself.
    In order to achieve the stone, Cg711 devised three simple steps. He would need a partner in crime, to start off. Cg711 knew just the guy, however. Walking into the coffee shop, Cg711 sat down at a nearby couch and called for a waiter. “How may I help you?” asked the waiter. Looking up, Cg711 made a proposition. “How would you like to help me steal something worth more than the whole island itself, Haribo?”. Haribo leaned in, responding in a hushed voice. “What are we talking about here Cg711?”, Haribo whispered, “and will it be worthwhile?”. “The wishing stone, Rockhoppers find”, Cg711 answered, “and yes, it’ll be worth your time. It’ll be worth more than anyone’s time.”. Haribo looked around cautiously, and then smirked. “I’m in.”.
    With step one completed, now came step two. Creating a disguise. Since Haribo had access to behind the coffee shop, night club, and gift shop, he could take any off the excess material any of the buildings left behind. Sneaking behind the gift shop, Haribo found a pirate hat, and what looked to be two pirate shirts. There was also a pirate plush in a box buried in a pile of snow. These items would make to be the perfect disguise.
    Step three would be a little harder, as it was how they were going to steal the stone. Working together, Cg711 and Haribo decided the best way to conquer this task was to split up and sneak up on to Rockhopper’s ship, the migrator. Cg711 would then sneak down into the shiphold, while Haribo would keep guard above, just to make sure no-one ruined their heist. The plan was solid, and it was only a matter of waiting for Rockhopper to return to the island. Everything was set for succession.
    It was time. Rockhopper had docked, and all Cg711 and Haribo had to do was get their disguises on, get into the boat, and most importantly, get the stone. Walking to the migrator, the duo tried to blend in as pirates of Rockhoppers crew, and it seemed to work. Making their way up the walkway onto the migrator, Haribo stayed behind to guard Cg711 as he made his way into the shiphold. Darting down the stairs, Cg711 was met with an unexpected turn of events. There was the pedestal, in which the stone was meant to lay, but instead there was a note. That wasn’t Cg711’s focus, however, as the thief looking penguin stuck in the migrators porthole, wearing a wizard hat, was much more interesting.
    “Help me! HELP ME!” yelped the mysterious penguin stuck in the porthole. Just then, the door into Rockhoppers room opened. “Argh! Who goes there?!” growled Rockhopper. There was then a series of seconds in which Rockhopper exchanged glances between Cg711, and the penguin in the porthole. “Argh… I see what be going on here…” Rockhopper murmured, as he walked over to Cg711, “ye be the janitor I hired to swab the poop deck!”. Cg711, dumbfounded, nodded. “I- I uh- yeah!”, Cg711 stuttered, “i’m the guy you hired!”.
    Rockhopper nodded. “But then… who be this?” Rockhopper said, poking the mysterious penguin square in the nose. Rockhopper then connected the dots, and proclaimed “ARGH! You be a THIEF!”. The thief gulped. Rockhopper glanced at the pedestal. “So, where be me wishing stone, thief?”, Rockhopper questioned. The thief smirked. “I wish to be somewhere else!” the thief stammered. Yet, nothing happened. The thief tried again, and again, waving the stone around, while Rockhopper laughed. “A true pirate never leaves his treasure out in ye open!”. The thief was exasperated, realizing he was trapped.
    A feeling of assurance wiped over Cg711. “Wait, so, the wishing stone the thief has…” Cg711 spoke, “is fake?” “That be right, matey.” Rockhopper replied, “some things just be too good to be true!”. Rockhopper glanced over at the thief and and snarled. “I’ll tell you what not be fake though” Rockhopper exclaimed, “the P.S.A. We’ll get him locked up soon!”. Back on the deck, Rockhopper thanked Cg711 for discovering the thief trying to escape with the stone. “Can I repay you in any way?”, Rockhopper said, “I can wish you something right up!”. “Well, there’s one thing…” Cg711 joyfully said.
    Walking off the migrator with Haribo and his new wizard hat, Cg711 waved goodbye to Rockhopper. Just then, the janitor Rockhopper hired, walked on board. Rockhopper, confused, glanced between the janitor, and Cg711, who was shrinking more and more into the distance. Rockhopper then started running after Cg711 screeching “ARGH! GET BACK HERE, IMPOSTER!”.
    The End 😀

  21. My name is Jeff (Buzz517) says:

    Breakout of the Abyss
    By: Buzz517

    Disclaimer: the story contains about 430 words.

    The small hotshot Jeffy wakes up from his jail cell. When he woke up, Jeffy knows it is the start of his bleak day. Not many penguins know about horrible life when a penguin is removed off the island and moved to the jail. The thought of any penguin being ban is chilling but some Penguins make poor discussion. Penguins, like Jeffy are exiled from the Penguin Island. They are put into the penguin jail and ban from playing on the island. Some of the most terrible gangs like the tubas and loyal members of the Hacking patrols will stay until their sentence is over. After a normal penguin’s ban was up, the Devs of the jail will released the penguin and they can return on the island. But unlike the other Jeffy can’t return back to his normal life, knew that he is going to go back for his whole penguin life. Ever since that day he got caught is his crimes, he became a new penguin. Jeffy was sentenced to the jail for stealing from the pizza parlor and trying to use a third party device to produce illegal coins. Jeffy has been in the jail for only a day but he feels like it been years. Jeffy needed to escape he had friends and his igloo to return to. Jeffy started to hack away the cell he is in. However, Jeffy doesn’t know that once you in the jail, you should stay inside it. The Devs already knew that Jeffy was trying to escape. They have the knowledge of what is outside of this bleak jail cells. Jeffy finally made an escape route and his ready to leave. Jeffy realized that there was nothing but an abyss and the Devs of the Jail. Devs were not cruel but just told Jeffy the truth about the outside of the jail. Outside of the jail is nothingness because the entire place separated from all the other penguins. The Devs only want the penguins to be safe from penguins that ruin and threaten the island each day. Devs also added that Jeffy’s three-day sentence is a most over. Jeffy was to close to give up and how could he trust the very things that must him in this mess. Jeffy decided to jump into the abyss. Devs tried to find Jeffy but couldn’t spot the missing penguin. A normal penguin, named Jeffy is nowhere to be found. To this day penguins assume he was banned forever. The existence of Jeffy is just a big mystery.

    • Buzz517 says:

      I realized I made many errors in my story so I edited the story a bit. I know contest is over but for those you like a improved remastered version so the story makes more sense. Hope you enjoy -Buzz517

      By: Buzz517

      The small hotshot Jeffy wakes up from his jail cell. When he woke up, Jeffy knows it is the start of a bleak day. Not many penguins know about horrible life when a penguin is removed off the island and moved into the jail. The thought of any penguin being ban is chilling but some Penguins make poor decisions. Penguins, like Jeffy are exiled from the Penguin Island. They are put into the penguin jail and banned from playing on the island. Some of the most terrible gangs like the Tubas and loyal members of the Hacking Patrols will stay until their banned sentence is over. After a penguin’s ban is up, the Devs of the jail will released the penguin and they can return back to the island. But unlike the other penguins, Jeffy can’t return back to his normal life. Jeffy knew that he is not going to go back for his old penguin life. Ever since that day he got caught committing his crimes, he became a new penguin. Jeffy was sentenced to jail for stealing from the pizza parlor and trying to use a third party device to produce illegal coins. Jeffy has been in jail for only a day, but he feels like it been years. Jeffy needed to escape. He had friends and a home to return to. Jeffy started to hack away the cell wall. However, Jeffy doesn’t know that once you are in jail, you should stay inside it. The Devs already knew that Jeffy was trying to escape. They have the knowledge of what is outside of this bleak jail cells. Jeffy finally made an escape route and is ready to leave. Jeffy realized that there was nothing but an abyss and the Devs of the Jail. Devs were not cruel, but they warned Jeffy the truth about the outsides of the jail. Outside of the jail is nothingness, because the entire place is separated from all the other penguins. The Devs only want the penguins to be safe from evil penguins that ruin and threaten the island each day. The Devs also added that Jeffy’s three-day sentence is almost over. Jeffy was too close to give up and how could he trust the very things that must him keeps him returning to the island. Jeffy decided to jump into the abyss. The Devs tried to find Jeffy but couldn’t spot the missing penguin. A normal penguin, named Jeffy is nowhere to be found. To this day penguins assume he was banned forever. The existence of Jeffy is just a big mystery…

  22. Snow Leopard says:

    Whos gonna read all this? lol

  23. alexmitu says:

    RETRIVE by alexmitu once upon a time there was a little boy named Alex he was a happy little penguin. he had a grand father named old man Joe Joe has been in the club penguin times. for so long but a seekest was with him and he didn’t tell but one day he said to Alex. my boy I have a secret to tell you and I will tell you that I have one beta hat. Alex stood in shock he said huh! joe said and I will pass it on you and remember to always stay on the best side of people now go, my boy, Alex had the hat in his inventory 2 hours later he forgot about it, for now, he waddled around and found a poster at the night club saying dance contest saying come on down and dance around and win your self 5000000 COINS! Alex was very excited and he went by storm and took his red juke box and practiced all night and when he was ready for the contest he needed an outfit he knew he had the beta hat and he had to wear it he went to the audition and he thinks he did well when the crowd came at him and wanted the beta that he ran and ran candace said no no wait but it was no use he left the building and went to the mall to hide there he was off the trail of the crowd he went to the hotel but what will happen next next time on book 2

  24. Cluddy4 says:

    Baby Puffles by Cluddy4

    “You’d like that toy Ash?” I cheerily asked my black puffle. The two of us were strolling through the Pet Shop looking for some new toys for Ash and my other 6 puffles back at my igloo.
    “Hey are you Cluddy4, mate?” asked a voice behind me. I turned around and to my amazement, PH was smiling at me.
    “Oh! Uuuh..yeah! Hi PH!”
    “Hey mate! I’ve heard from some penguins in the town that you’re great with puffles. I was wondering if you could do me a…uuuh…” PH paused, “favor!” PH finished quickly.
    “Oh yeah sure. What is it?”
    “I have some baby puffles that someone dropped off. I was wondering if maybe you could watch them for a bit.”
    “How many baby puffles?” I questioned.
    “Maybe like one or two. At most like three…” PH said quietly.
    “Ok. Drop them off at my igloo in a few hours and I’ll be home.”
    “Great!” smiled PH.

    A few hours later, I heard a knock on my door. When I opened it, there was a large box on my steps. When I looked down the road, I saw PH’s figure running away as fast as she could. I opened the box. “Huh that’s funny,” I said cautiously. “Why such a big box for only two puffles…” At that moment the towel at the bottom of the box burst apart and under it were at least fifteen baby puffles! “WOAH!” I belted in surprise. At that moment, all the baby puffles stampeded into my igloo, tripping me into the big box. I ran in after the puffles.

    All of my adult puffles had hopped to the highest point they could and the babies were quickly hopping around gobbling all the puffle o’s and playing with every puffle toy I had. “This is not one or two!” I shouted, laughing. It was impossible not to find this funny. Quickly though, my senses kicked in and I made a plan. I had a puffle pen in the living room. I just had to lure the puffles into the pen and I would be fine. I grabbed some cookies from the kitchen and poured them into the pen. Instantaneously, every baby puffle stampeded into the pen and Minty, my green puffle closed the door behind them. “Whew,” I said with relief in my voice. I could finally relax… As soon as I thought that, the baby puffles finished off the cookies and hooped over the pen. The stampede picked me up.

    The baby puffle stampede carried me to PH’s house. The puffles knocked down the door into the igloo. They raided the fridge of cookies and bubble gum and stopped for a second to eat. PH ran into the room.
    “I figured this might happen. Well you can go home now, Cluddy4 I can work this out,” PH said a little distressed, but you could tell she was laughing a little.
    “Well, can I keep just one baby puffle?”
    “OH YES! I mean yeah sure, mate,” said PH. I picked out the least hyperactive hot pink baby puffle and carried her home.


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